Online Shopping isn’t as easy as it looks

Online Shopping isn’t as easy as it looks

Online shopping isn't always as easy as it looks. I have heard many people saying that, and to be honest, I can understand customers' and vendors' pain when they say that online shopping isn't as easy as we all think it should be. Sometimes even easy looking and simple processes become so exhausting and mind-boggling that no one can imagine. But as they say, where there is a problem, there lies a solution; believe me, it's as trustful as it sounds.

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If you're a business owner and you're facing difficulty finding customers to buy from you even though you have good marketing strategy and your sales volume is not as it should be or you expected it to be, chances are that you are not focusing on pain of your potential customers or generically saying that there are loops in your strategies that you need to cover to ensure the upward trajectory of your online business.

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In this article, I cannot cover all the problems users face while doing online shopping, but I'll try my best to target the biggest hiatus and give possible solutions.

It's not what I saw in the Ad.

I think it has happened to almost all of us at least once in our life where we ordered something different, and when it arrives, it looks entirely completely different. I know we all have been there. Sometimes we order a very shiny shimmery dress that looks absolutely stunning on the model; you do everything correctly while placing an order and putting the exact size requirement, but when it arrives, it has issues in Height, body type, or weight.

Solution: While choosing products, especially clothes, try to choose websites where they have the review options. With a review, you can get to know the average customer response because sometimes websites do provide the opportunity to submit a review with pictures like Lulus, where you can submit product reviews along with the images of real results after trying. Or you can try to check with your shipping company if they can give you a product picture after receiving and let you see how it will look on you when you get it eventually, like Splice Packages, where they offer all types of product testing that can help you decide that what exactly your article looks like upon receiving.

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  1. Too many details that I'm not familiar with

 If I want to buy a camera, the first thing I would do Is to do research on the product I want. Where research helps you choose the best product, it somehow confuses you with the terms you're not familiar with and you'll end up ordering something matching your one need but mismatching all others. For example, Suppose I want to buy a camera of 100 MP. In that case, the sure thing is I'll check out some of the best companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus and will search for camera of 100 MP. Still, if I have no idea what they mean when they say Effective Pixel and Total Pixel or what ISO Speed is, there are 90% chances I'll find 100 MP camera but not something exactly of my handy use.


Solution: What if I seek help from experts? And by experts, I don't mean websites full of Mind-boggling reviews but professional real-time experts. Well, let me you there are a company Splice Packages, and they have a feature of Assisted Purchase where you can take guidance about the product you're looking to buy, and their experts will guide you with their expert's opinions finding you something of your use. If you're still confused, you can place an order for the suggested product, and when they'll get the product on their warehouse, they'll show you a product test review, and that's more helpful then regretting over a review because five fingers are not equal.

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  1. Not for trail 

 Not being able to try something or touch before buying can also lead to a bad shopping experience. Since we are tactile beings and being able to touch or try something can help us a lot in choosing between products. Therefore, companies have to sell the experience as well as the product.


Solution: What if there is someone to let to experience all these minute details. Well, there is a Package and Freight Forwarding company Splice Packages where they offer you an option to conduct a test run of product. This means upon your consent; they'll let you see how your product performs after running. This trial can also be with pictures or Videos of your shipment.

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Well, now you know if you're a customer or vendor and experiencing all such problems, there's a company that can help you in all these matters. Visit now and sign-up with them and start Shipping your products from US Online Stores to your doorstep with complete product surety and confidence.


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